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I have been a home-buyers seminar guest speaker since 2016. Worked in property management for over six years.  Have been trained in how to make your present and future home Green! 

My experience with home sellers started in 1981 with my first studio apartment at 17 1/2 in my Aunt Corene’s 24 unit apartment building who was a real estate mogul in her days. I was very intrigued with her many investments in real estate, and her wealth from it. What I have learned while educating home sellers is that many are very knowledgeable, but still need to understand and know what their home is worth and the changes in the current market. I get excited when I can help my clients understand every step of the home buying and selling process.

I love to help my clients write out a plan and vision to reach their goal,
whether they are ready now or in the future. I am very passion about helping others, I am very active in my community as a neighborhood association president for 6 years, and an AARP National Community Volunteer for over 5 years!

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or somewhere for tea, or at my office to chat about your goals, and don’t forget to ask me about the many different down-payment assistance programs available.
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You can do all things, your goals are possible to reach..

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My First Home getting the keys March 14, 2011

In the video above, my Realtor Justin Potier, has just given me the keys to my home. After I purchased my home Justin and his dad, Broker Mike Potier, at Boardwalk Properties (now under Vylla Home) asked me to speak at a HUD seminar and share with buyers about how I received almost 190k of free money in down payment assistance to purchase my home. After speaking, I had so many people coming up to me and said they were inspired and wanted more info. That moment reminded me of my dream to become a Realtor. Not just the inspiration from my aunt as I shared in my profile, but I had also worked for a realtor in the late 1990’s and I worked in property management, and did onsite resident management for over six years. I just want to remind you that you can reach your homeownership goal just as I reached my goal and my dream of becoming a licensed Realtor!

My house in August 2010 – Purchased in March 2011
My house in March 2020

READY to GET READY... When I first started looking to purchase a home in 2009, the world was still in a recession from the 2008 real estate market crash, but I was focused and ready to buy. I wanted to buy and knew it was my time, and I wanted to live in Long Beach. Now there was a down payment assistance program that just started and because I had a good Realtor who made sure I was ready with my loan pre-approval from a lender, I was able to get up to 190k of free money, plus a grant of 5k to fix up my home. WE WILL HELP YOU GET READY! THERE ARE DOWN PAYMENT PROGRAMS NOW WITH UP TO 90K IF YOU QUALITY.

I had a like an uncle, Ivory Pinkney, my step-dad’s best friend, he called me “RADIO” you guessed it, I talked a lot….lol. Growing up in the church, a preacher’s kid and with tons of Uncles and Aunts who were Pastors and First Ladies, I learned about leadership at youth centers and from serving in the church. Below is a picture of John Maxwell, the number one person on Leadership Development. I read his book in the early 90’s and it really changed my life and made me a better leader. So in 2019 I reached my dream of becoming a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer! Well, I have been a life coach since the 80’s and I always give out advice for free. Click the link below and check out my web page, I offer group and individual coaching, or hire me as a guest speaker.


In the late 1986 I had a radio show for about a year on KTYM radio in Inglewood CA. all about singleness and relationships. So prior to covid-19 I was planning to start a podcast, and now you can find me on iHeart Radio. Click their logo below to take you right there. You can also find me on Anchor, Google Music, Radio Public, Spotify and Pocketcasts


Issues of life w/Lady Gloria

Our values have changed….lol Selling your home; a nice kitchen and bathroom top the list for most buyers.

Sellers, learn about the many changes to protect you and your family if your home is not vacant when you sell…